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Rasael Bervini-Monkow was born in southern Switzerland in 1985 and since the early 90's he has been working with computers and growing a strong passion for computer science. Growing up he graduaded as Computer Scientists (Switzerland, in 2005), had professional experiences abroad (San Francisco, in 2007) and later got a Bcs in Software Engineering (Switzerland, in 2013).

Rasael is very passionate about software development, in particular with Java. In years he has worked on a number of educational, professional and personal projects spacing several categories such as: audio, software architecture, editors, graphics, gaming, j2ee, math tools, spring, virtual machines, programming languages, scripting, web.

Rasael had the opportunity to work on projects with several companies, from I.T Providers, Educational, Medical, Public Administration and Website designers.

For a more detailed educational and professional curriculum please refer to LinkedIn small linkedin icon.
You can also see partial a list of Rasael's projects .

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